Keynote Speakers

Dr Alicia Yochum

aliciaAlicia is a practicing chiropractor from America who is highly skilled in coaching chiropractors on a broad range of techniques. She has published many articles in peer reviewed journals and lectured around the country with her father, Dr Terry R. Yochum, as well as in England and Germany.

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Prof. Jürgen Vormann

jurgenJürgen studied Science of Nutrition at the University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany where he also earned his Doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology of Nutrition.  He achieved the Habilitation for Biochemistry at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in Berlin where he has the position of an extraordinary Professor.

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Dr Steven Weiniger

stevenSteven is from the US and is the creator of a free posture app and StrongPosture® exercises, facilitating posture awareness. He helps DCs globally position themselves as posture specialists by creating posture awareness and then teaching patients to functionally strengthen how they balance, align and move.

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Prof. Jan Hartvigsen

hartvigsenJan is from Denmark and heads the largest and most productive chiropractic research group in the world. He has published research in a range of leading chiropractic and medical journals and in 2016 was rated as the world’s leading expert in musculoskeletal pain by

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Dr Jeb McAviney

jebJeb is an Australian clinician and researcher focused on the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. He is the CEO of ScoliCare, an orthopaedic technology and appliance company that developed braceScan, ScoliBrace and ScoliRoll, and continues to be an innovator in the non-surgical scoliosis treatment field.

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